June 25, 2024
BankrollMob Betting News

BankrollMob Betting News

While win/lose betting has gained global popularity, Over Under bets have only recently emerged as an option. As a result, many people are still unfamiliar with this betting method at M88. If you’re looking to enhance your betting knowledge, continue reading this article from BET88.

1) What is Over Under betting?

In simple terms, Over Under betting at M88 involves wagering on the total number of goals scored in a match or round. The dealer sets a benchmark (usually 3 in football) for the player to predict. Choosing Over means predicting that the number of goals will exceed the benchmark, while Under indicates a prediction of fewer goals. In Over Under betting, there is no draw. The dealer uses the abbreviation O/U on the soccer scoreboard to represent this handicap.

When placing bets on the online bookmakers wager on the total number of goals. In the 90 official minutes of competition with the number of minutes of injury time. But during extra time or penalty shootout, the goal will not be counted.

Over Under is a very special bet, players don’t care whether they win or lose. Just predict the number of goals that will be scored by both teams in the 90 minutes of official competition.

2) Over Under betting rules:

Each dealer will have different benchmarks and eating rates. However, to make it easy to understand, for example the benchmark is 3, the odds are 1.25 and the stakes are $ 200. There are 3 possible outcomes:

– If the result of the match or round is greater than 3, the player will win the entire bet: 200 x 1.25 = $ 250. In which, $ 200 is principal, interest will be $ 250 – $ 200 = $ 50- If the result equals 3, the player wins half of the bet: (200x 1.25) / 2 = $ 125- If the result is less than 3, the player loses their stake.In addition to football, Over Under betting is also used in basketball with the same calculation.

3) How many types of Over / Under odds are there?

  • Over / under 0.5 odds

If total goals> 0.5: the player who selects Over will win higher when choosing Under.If total goals <0.5: you choose Over to lose your bet and choose Under will win your bet.

  • Over / under 1 odds

If Total Goals> = 2: The player who selects Over wins the bet, and chooses 1 Under, he loses the bet.If total goals = 1, the wager will be tied.If total goals <1: choose Over will lose and choose Under, the player will win.

  • Over / under 1 / 1.5 odds

If total goals> = 2: choosing Over 1 / 1.5 will win and lose when choosing Under 1 / 1.5.If Total Goals = 1: Choosing Over 1 / 1.5 will lose half of your bet and win half of your bet if you choose Under 1 / 1.5.In the event of total goals <1: selecting Over 1 / 1.5 will lose, choosing Under 1 / 1.5 will win.

4) How to read Over – Under in football

For players to have a better understanding of how to read over / under bets, BET88 will guide you as follows when play at M88 Bookmaker:- Players can bet on the full game, or 1st half.

– The home team will usually be placed at the top, the away team will be below- In the case of two teams kicking in a neutral ground, the letter N will be written next to the home team- The weak team will be written in black letters, the strong change will be written in red so that the player can easily recognize.- In the event that two teams are evaluated equally, it will be written in black letters.


The question of what is an Over – Under bet in football has been clearly explained in the post. Hope you guys will understand more about this bet when participating in handicap betting. Wish you guys can choose a suitable odds ratio to win.