May 24, 2024
188bet Mobile Apps – Review & Download Instructions for All Platforms

188bet Mobile Apps – Review & Download Instructions for All Platforms


Discover the Amazing Features of the 188bet Mobile App – Fast Loading, User-Friendly Interface, and More.

Compatible Platforms and Mobile Browsers for the 188bet Mobile App

Download the 188bet Mobile App for Android and iOS – Compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Firefox.

Getting the app is simple – Visit the 188Bet mobile website on your iOS or Android device, and you’ll be prompted to download the app. Start enjoying all the features today!

188bet Mobile App Overview

Most bookmakers apps support iOS and Android devices since a majority of players happen to own phones run by these two operating systems.

The 188Bet mobile platform covers a has a wide range of sports. The mobile app also covers in-play sports betting. Football lovers are especially lucky since they have a wide selection of football matches to bet on. This is because the mobile platform focuses hugely on football. This does not, however, mean that other sports aren’t covered. There are over 3000 sporting events covered on the mobile platform. The app is very easy to navigate with shortcuts for different sections like ‘Sports’, ‘Promotions’, ‘Racing’, ‘Esports’ and others being provided. This makes it very easy to locate different sections without getting lost on the site.

The mobile app is designed to work on iOS or Android-enabled smartphones, enabling players to place their bets and enjoy other services on their phones without necessarily having to use their PCs. Players can wager on all the markets that are made available on the bookmaker’s PC website.



Can You Make Live Bets Using the App/Apk?

Yes, you can make live bets using the 188Bet app. The app has an in-play section where players can place live bets on different sports like football, basketball, tennis, esports. You can also place live bets on the less popular sports like Futsal as well. The in-play feature allows bettors to place their bets mid-play on the current live events. Players can also find a live events schedule on the app that helps them see which events are available and at what specific time.

Features of the App

The mobile app has numerous great features. One of those features is that it has a cash out option. It also has an Upcoming and Live events schedule. Other key features include statistical analysis for events where bettors can find statistics on the matches available on the site. There is also a text commentary option. A 24/7 help centre is available for players to get help from the dedicated customer support team. You can also get full access to all 188Bet services through the mobile app. The platform is also multilingual so players can switch from one language to another.

Payment methods available with the App/Apk

  • 188bet Mobile Apps - Review & Download Instructions for All Platforms
  • 188bet Mobile Apps - Review & Download Instructions for All Platforms
  • 188bet Mobile Apps - Review & Download Instructions for All Platforms
  • 188bet Mobile Apps - Review & Download Instructions for All Platforms
  • 188bet Mobile Apps - Review & Download Instructions for All Platforms

Bookmakers deposit methods should cover a majority of payment methods available in the market so as to encourage a large number of customers to place bets. The wider the list of deposit methods the better. Players can carry both deposit and withdrawal transactions through their 188Bet mobile app. Several payment methods are acceptable. You can use Debit Cards to carry out transactions. Players can also use various e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Debit cards, Skrill and Neteller can be used to carry out both deposit and withdrawal transactions. Those who want to use cheques can do so to carry out withdrawals only. The number of payment methods is not as large as most players would want. This is something that 188Bet should look into.

188bet App/Apk FAQ’s

How to use the 188bet mobile site?

If your mobile internet connection is good, you can access the 188Bet site through your phone or tablet. You simply log in using your user ID and password. Once you are logged in, you will find a navigation menu with different shortcuts. This is situated at the top right corner of the 188Bet homepage. It enables you to locate everything as easily as possible.

Can I have a separate account for a mobile App/Apk?

You can use the same account you use to access the main website. You are not required to create a new one for the mobile app. You simply use your existing user password and ID to log in to the mobile platform. However, you can only log in to one version at a time. You cannot log in to the PC website and the mobile site as well. If you do so, one will be logged out automatically.

How do I know if my bet was placed?

Once bets are placed, they remain in a ‘Pending’ status as they await confirmation by 188Bet. You will know your bet was successfully placed when 188Bet confirms it. If your bet was not successfully placed, it becomes ‘Rejected’.

Are all events on the 188bet website available on the mobile site and App/Apk?

Yes, they are. As aforementioned, the mobile site is the exact replica of the main website. This means that all events found on the main website are available on the mobile site. This enables users to access 188Bet on the go.

Why does 188bet block the application?

188Bet can block the application if a particular user has too many failed login attempts. You can contact them for further assistance if this happens. It can also be blocked if it is established that you are under 18 years of age.

Will I be charged for using the 188bet App/Apk?

The 188Bet app is free for all users of the sportsbook. You can download, install and use the app for free. However, it is important to note that you may have to pay for data charges. Your mobile service provider can charge you for utilising their data to access the internet. To find out more about data charges, please contact your mobile service provider.

Can I use the 188bet App/Apk abroad?

Yes, you can. Provided your mobile service provider permits you to roam foreign networks and the particular network you have roamed to supports mobile internet, you can definitely use the 188Bet mobile app abroad. Data charges may sometimes be higher if you do this. You can contact your mobile service provider for further details.