July 25, 2024
W88 Affiliate Program 2024 – Promote W88 & claim 50% revenue

W88 Affiliate Program 2024 – Promote W88 & claim 50% revenue

Join the W88 Affiliate Program 2024 and Earn Up to 50% Revenue Commission in India

Earn 50% Commission by Joining the W88 Affiliate Program in India

W88 is widely regarded as one of the best online gambling markets in the betting world catering to the entertainment needs of millions of players per day. However, these customers are brought to W88 by affiliates who work hard to promote the brands name via their websites. In return, W88 gives its affiliate members up to 50% of revenue income for promoting their brands name online, a deal which in considered to be the best of the best in the betting world online. To know more about the W88 affiliate deal, and also how you can join, read on!

About W88 Affiliate program

As mentioned, W88’s affiliate program is one of the best online affiliate program you can join as promoting W88 is not only easy thanks to its existing popularity as a top betting site, but also because of the support you receive from the W88 team. Altogether, promoting this top brand will give you 50% returns which is considered to be an equal deal especially in today’s affiliate marketing business online.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue commission

Just by sitting at home and running a website, you can now promote W88 and earn up to 50% revenue commissions with full support from the W88 affiliate managers. This support will provide you with updated information about the betting site and give you the chance to promote the websites via their marketing tools. What is even more beneficial is that for every player you bring to the W88 website as a member, you will get the revenue commission earnings for a lifetime!

Become affiliated with W88 in 3 simple ways

Becoming a W88 affiliate is extremely beneficial but what about the ways in which you can become a affiliate W88 member? Is it simple or difficult, let’s find out. The short answer to this question is the the W88 affiliate program lets you become affiliated with W88 in a very easy process which can be summed up to 3 simple ways.

  1. Submit Application: First, you must submit an application to the W88 website under the W88 affiliate section which basically means that you have to create an affiliate account on the website as shown below.
  2. Start Promoting: Once you have created an account in the W88 affiliate website, you will receive a confirmation address on the registered email. Once done, you can link the affiliated link to your website and start promoting the W88 products on your domain.
  3. Earn your returns: After this is done, you will be able to see all the customers you manage to bring to W88 as well as the revenue income returns for each customer earned on the W88 dashboard which you can then collect monthly or bi-monthly

Apply for the W88 Affiliate Program in 3 simple steps

Now that you have learned more about the W88 affiliate program, let us quickly take a look at a simple 3-step tutorial on how you can join the W88 website as an affiliate. Regardless of whether you join the site as an affiliate or regular member, endless W88 Promotion deals and bonuses are guaranteed.

Step 1: Visit W88 affiliate section and click on Join

  • The first step that you must take is visit the W88 official website from our homepage and scroll down to click on the ‘Affiliates‘ link. Using the links provided by W88indi would take you to the official website without any hindrance.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue step 1

  • When you click on the Affiliates link, you will be redirected to the official W88 affiliate website where you must create an affiliate W88 account in the W88 Register by clicking on the ‘Join‘ option.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue step 2

  • Once done, you will get a pop-up form on the left side of your screen where you must enter your important details to join the website as an affiliate member. Follow steps 2 and 3 to learn how to complete the W88 affiliate registration process.

Step 2: Set your username and a strong password

In step 2, we will show you how to fill in the important details of the form with accurate details so that your application gets approved smoothly by the W88 website.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue step 3

  • Username: First, you must enter your username which is unique and preferably with your real name in it. Since affiliate members are basically indulging in a business with W88, we recommend keeping a professional name.
  • Password: After that, you must enter your password which should not exceed more than 10 characters that are alphanumeric. This password must be easily recallable to you yet difficult to hack for others.
  • Preferred Currency: Lastly, if you are registering for a W88 affiliate account from India, the INR currency would already be selected but if not, scroll down from the drop-down menu and select the currency you would like to be paid in.

Step 3: Complete other important details and complete the process

In the final step of this tutorial, you must complete the form with all the basic yet important details about yourself so that you can complete the process of applying for a W88 affiliate account on the official website.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue step 4

  • Full Name: Here you must enter your full name and a name matching the one on your bank account documents would be preferable for identification purposes.
  • Email Address: After that, you must enter your email address where you can get important notifications and more. A business email address is recommended for this section.
  • Country: Just like the currency, the country will be set as India automatically since this is the Indian affiliate form that you are applying.
  • Contact Number: Another important detail is your contact number that you should enter. This should be active as you will receive important notifications regarding your account.
  • Referral ID: If you have been recommended by a friend then be sure to enter their referral ID as they can get some cash for recommending you. Similarly, you can recommend others to join the affiliate W88 program so that they enter your referral ID and you get cash returns.
  • Newsletter: Lastly, if you want to subscribe to the W88 newsletter then you can click on the button by sliding it over and complete the form.

Once you have completed filling out the form, you can go ahead and click on the ‘Join‘ button and create an account successfully in the affiliate register.

However, this account will be on the pending list waiting for an approval confirmation via email. You must then visit your registered email address, confirm the approval sent to make a successful W88 login as an affiliate and start promoting W88 for the promised revenue income.

How is the W88 Affiliate revenue commission distributed?

Let us get to the most important part of the W88 affiliate program and talk about how exactly the W88 revenue is given to the members for promoting W88. There are 2 main ways in which you can get your revenue which is monthly or bi-monthly, but how you will be paid is mentioned below.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for huge revenue

  • What you earn as a W88 affiliate is highly related to the total revenue the players generated by you manage to make on the W88 website.
  • The percentage of revenue you will receive starts from 20% and goes up to 50% which depends on the total net loss of the players from your end and also the number of active players.
  • The W88 affiliates’ performance is always monitored by W88 in order to increase commission and give rewards when you are doing great with marketing the W88 products.
  • Promos, partner transaction costs, and W88 system maintenance from the affiliate’s members are deducted from the revenue commission.
  • You can receive the payment monthly or bi-monthly, in the case of the latter, you get paid on the 15th and the end of the month.

6 Products you must promote as a W88 affiliate member

Let us now look into the products that you must promote to get revenue incomes that are fruitful. Promoting W88 is extremely simple as this site is already one of the worldwide known betting sites but what is even more cool is that you too can join the website as a member, try out their products and promote them well online

w88indi w88 affiliate program promote w88 and earn

  1. Sportsbook: On the W88 website, you get 4 exciting sportsbooks whose minimum stake start from ₹100 only, making this site one of the most affordable sports betting sites on the internet.
  2. Live Casino: Next you get to promote the W88 live casino game rooms which are full of skilled live dealers provided by top distributors on the internet online.
  3. Slots: Online betting slots is another fun product that you must promote from the W88 website that your members can play for real money or in the free demo rooms.
  4. Virtual Games: Another free product is the virtual dealer games that can be accessed for real money or free in the W88 game room.
  5. Lottery: Lottery online is a product many members look for and this can help you gain more customers as you must promote the W88 lottery section as well.
  6. P2P: Lastly, the best way to get more customers from your end is to get a member to recommend other members by inviting them to indulge in P2P gaming on the W88 website.

Terms and Conditions of the affiliate program that you should know

The W88 affiliate program is literally a Partnership deal between you and the W88 staff and thus, the latter party will do its utmost best to help you in any way to boost your revenue income by providing Marketing materials and more from their end. However, there are some partner obligations that you must follow as well and below mentioned are some of them.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue of 50 percent

  • Promote W88: As a partner, it is your responsibility to promote everything about W88 on your website by placing links all over the site or social media platforms.
  • Respect W88’s Guidelines: W88 offers some guidelines which basically are ways to make the business grow respectably. This includes not using misleading things or adult content and also you must abide by the requirement of trademarks.
  • Not engaging in fraudulent activities: W88 prohibits affiliates from engaging in any fraudulent activities like fake member generators or click-through rates to increase traffic, etc. Strict action will be taken on those who are caught in this by W88.
  • Maintaining confidentiality: Lastly, W88 requires its partners to maintain confidentiality related to the marketing strategies and tools they use to boost their audience as these will be supporting you help your business grow as well.

Important FAQs to help you learn important answers

When you join the W88 affiliate program as a member, W88 will help you market and indulge in affiliate marketing thoroughly via different means. However, there are some important questions that may still persist and to help you get answers to the, here are the top 3 important FAQs that you should know.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue returns

1. Can I join as a W88 affiliate without a website?

The W88 affiliate program is created mostly for those who own a website with their own domain name and gambling as their central theme. Thus, it is most of the time important to own a live website online to become a member as this is more beneficial. That being said, if you do not own a website, then W88 can help you become a member through other means once you contact the W88 affiliate CS.

2. Can I join if I have more than 1 website online?

Absolutely yes! You can become a W88 affiliate if you own more than 1 website with gambling as its central theme. This can be done by applying only once and using only 1 affiliate ID, but to track all your websites’ performance, you can set up different tracking codes to help with marketing strategies.

3. Why was my application rejected by W88?

Although the W88 website usually allows people to become a W88 affiliate, W88 also has the right to reject applications if they suspect any fraudulent activities from your end or if important details do not match. Regardless, you can contact W88 affiliate CS if your application was rejected and you think it was a mistake.

Have more queries? Contact W88 CS for Affiliates!

Last but not least, in the FAQs we mentioned that most of your queries can also be solved by contacting W88 Contact service for affiliates which is different from the normal CS. For W88 affiliate members, there are 5 different ways to talk to an agent to clear any queries or get detailed help. All the methods are mentioned below.

w88indi w88 affiliate program sign up for revenue on promoting w88

  1. Live Chat: On the official W88 affiliates page, there is alive chat button on the bottom right corner.
  2. Email Address: [email protected]
  3. Phone Number: (+63) 9393520741
  4. Skype ID: Affiliate India
  5. Others: WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk via scan QR code on the affiliate site.


The W88 Affiliate program is extremely beneficial as you get to earn up to 50% of the revenue commission from their end which is a great deal you can bag in the affiliate marketing world. Promote the W88 dashboard products and get customers to join the W88 website for good revenue returns. Try out the W88 products yourself and learn more about them via W88indi, Asia’s no. 1 online betting site.