April 18, 2024

While 188Bet doesn’t currently have any bonuses or promotions on offer, they do provide some exciting features that enhance the betting experience. With their bet builder, cashout option, and featured event markets, betting with 188Bet becomes more thrilling.

Bet Builder

Enhance your sports gambling experience with the Bet Builder function at 188Bet sportsbook. By combining multiple picks from a single football match into one wager, you can create same-event parlays and have the opportunity to win big.

The Bet Builder function is now available for certain football betting markets. To use it, choose a match and seek the “Bet Builder” link. This feature is a popular option for betting sites to give more betting options to their players.


The cashout feature at 188Bet sportsbook is a game-changer for sports bettors who want more control over their bets. Bettors can settle a single or parlay bet before the related events end. This means that you can lock in a profit or reduce your losses if you feel that your bet is not going to win. Once you approve the transaction, the amount listed on the cashout option will be returned to your account. You may use this function by going to “My Bets,” where you can see your cashout options. The cashout function is a wonderful tool for sports bettors looking to reduce risks while increasing their earnings.

Price Boost

The 188Bet sportsbook’s Price Boost function is an interesting method of receiving higher odds on your favorite sports bets. Price Boosts enable a limited number of bets to be made on enhanced betting odds that are greater than the market odds. This means you may possibly earn more money on your bets while putting less of your own money at risk.

Price Boosts are available for a variety of markets across several sports and contests, providing you with lots of possibilities to use this function. While exploring the betting odds, check for the Green Price Boost symbol to locate Price Boosts. This tool is ideal for sports bettors who want to increase their gains while also taking advantage of the finest odds available.