May 24, 2024


About W88 bookmaker

W88 is currently recognized as one of the largest and most renowned bookmakers in the global betting industry. Its brand can be found on various betting forums and platforms, signifying its popularity among bettors worldwide.

W88 Home page
W88 Home page

Moreover, there is news that W88’s sportsbook is expanding its presence to countries that are in the process of legalizing betting, such as Vietnam, China, Singapore, and Canada.

By opening a submarket in Vietnam with the symbol VN88, this bookmaker is preparing the first steps to soon this potential Vietnamese market. This is probably the good news of many people who have a burning passion for betting on website w88.

Why choose W88 to participate in betting?

W88’s brand value has been confirmed and proven over time, along with the brands it is sponsoring. For example, bookie w88 the no 1 has sponsored the following major teams:

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers Club (i.e. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.)
  • Leicester City Club (as a strategic partner)
  • Aston Villa Club (current)

Since then, the bookmaker W88 bet obviously has 2 Fanclubs among the most “populous” in the international football fan community. So we can see how the W88’s name is growing so fast.

In addition to sponsoring the top big teams, this bookmakers also ensure that all their members will be involved in the best and classy betting services in Asia.

Customer Service W88 Bet Review

Interface and applications

Compared to other online casino sites, W88 has quite a bit less content especially when it comes to the homepage, the home buttons in this site are designed for players to easily manipulate as desired. Unlike most sites, W88 betting site offers an extra night mode in the site, which is a plus as not every online casino player has good eyesight. So switching to night mode when participating in betting is very beneficial. Another interesting feature of W88 bet is the multi-selection drop-down button, which makes it easy for players to move from page to page.

In addition to the basic web interface, the W88 application is also the perfect breakthrough in upgrading the mobile betting experience. W88 mobile app is considered a great investment in terms of ideas as well as finance of the bookmaker. Although this “mobile betting” product has been launched for quite a long time, the attraction is still very impressive.

Payments and refunds

Depending on the lobby, game, and membership rank, W88’s rebate will range from 3-6%. For games that are W88’s strengths such as sports and lots, the return will be much more attractive as follows:

  • Sports: 0.2-0.3%.
  • Casino: 0.25-0.8%.
  • Slots: 0.2-1%.
  • Ladder: 0.25%.
  • Keno: 0.4%.

Promotions and offers

In terms of diversity, at the this bookmaker, we surveyed and found some interesting promotions that probably most players like. Namely:

First deposit with 2 first deposit promotions as follows:

  • 100% Bonus: As long as players deposit 1 million or less, they will immediately receive 100% of the first deposit to the playing account. The highest bonus for this promotion is 1 million.
  • 20% Bonus: This program has the highest bonus of up to 4 million VND. If you are a person with capital who deposits a lot, then this 20% promotion will be more suitable.
Promotions W88
Promotions W88

Most other bookmakers have rules about the number of rounds that must be made before the bonus can be withdrawn. W88 is the same, whereby players have to make between 15-20 rounds of bets (depending on the product).

The number of rounds here is not too much, so players can complete it relatively easily if you are a long-time player.

Customer service at W88, contact information

According to the personal experience of some experts, the connection speed with the customer care department is fast. But the speed of customer care is not so fast (Maybe due to the large number of players), this is also quite understandable when the number of players at the this bookmaker is quite many.

To support players, W88 sport betting also offers additional ways to contact their customer service team to answer questions and issues related to players. Customer service operates 24/7 to promptly answer all difficulties of members. In addition, for faster, you can contact via platforms such as Skype, Zalo and Viber.

Review of betting products at W88 bookie betting

Let’s go to the comment section of the betting products of this bookmaker considered “senior”. Through this, you can know the W88 bookmaker review is so good, is superior to some other bookmakers on the market.

Sports betting, football betting at bookmaker W88

The first impression when joining the W88 online bookmaker is that there are many types of sports betting, suitable for the preferences of many players. We can name a few sports betting games such as:

  • Football: Popular in 8 halls full of all kinds for players to choose from.
  • E-sports: The new generation sport is popular with young people with a variety of attractive bets.
  • Basketball: The sport has 2 teams participating, there will be betting methods such as Moneyline, handicap, slag, parity,…
  • Rugby: As the most popular sport in the US, you can participate in 1X2 bets, ball handicaps, odds bets,…
  • Hockey: Ice-hockey is an aggressive, long-standing sport and has many odds such as pre-match betting, game lines, 3-way, Alternative Puck Line 2-way,…
Sport W88
Sport W88

In addition, W88 bookmaker sports betting also provides odds for attractive sports such as: Tennis, Volleyball, Motor Racing, Cricket, Boxing, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Netball, Fantasy Sports,… In which each sports game is a complex that includes a lot of attractive betting genres. Some prominent and popular types of trusses can be named as follows:

  • Asian handicap (also known as handicap)
  • Over/Under (Also known as O/U, Over/Under Rafters)
  • European handicap (Win – draw – lose)
  • 1-match bet (odd-by-match bet, 1-round bet or round-by-round bet)
  • Full-match bet (Full match bet)

W88 organizes betting at every match in the world. Therefore, players can freely bet on the match they are interested in.

Casino betting at W88

Big bettors will love to join W88’s casino system. Because the maximum bet here is quite high, up to 30 million. For the casino, there will be a total of 3 halls and a lot of tables.

Casino w88
Casino w88

Almost all basic games are available here, so you can find a table with a bet that suits your needs. Therefore, leaving the W88 casino is probably a very unfortunate thing when other bookmakers in the market do not have such high commissions. Also, the w88 casino review is highly and joined by many players every day.

E-sports betting at W88

In addition to the usual 2 football betting products and online casino, esports betting is being invested and developed by W88 website. Because Esports has become an indispensable part of the vast majority of young people today. Esports is no longer just an entertainment game but gradually becomes a new culture.

Esport W88
Esport W88

According to that need, the form of Esports betting (also known as esports betting) was born, more specifically Esports betting at the prestigious bookmaker W88.

Online lot betting at the prestigious bookmaker W88

This bookmaker also invests signifcantly in the field of plots, which are very familiar to players in Vietnam. Accordingly, lotteries such as Keno, Three-domain lottery),… are full. With all the popular betting types such as tail bets, sacks (2-3-4-5 and more), 3 to 4,…

Lottery W88
Lottery W88

This is a fairly new product, but the W88’s lot for the odds is not very high, so this product has not attracted too many members to bet.

Slot Game at the W88 Bookmaker Website

Although not spectacular in number, in general, the slot games at this bookmaker are quite unique in configuration and are still being invested more. It also makes sense because the W88’s customers are mostly playing card games and sports betting.

Slot W88
Slot W88

The most famous brands in the slot industry are here to provide players with a diverse slot game environment.

Other betting products at the W88 bookmaker

Racing Reels Products P2P W88 Products Crazy Fishing Ocean Explorer Insec Master…

With its interface of professional game tables and rooms, W88 casino brings a sense of sophistication to any professional gambler. Visit and register W88 today to start experiencing the most exciting gaming halls.