July 24, 2024


M88, also known as Mansion88, is a renowned bookmaker with over a decade of experience in the Asian market, including Vietnam.

M88, licensed by the Philippine government and headquartered in Manila, is a premier bookmaker with a mysterious origin. With a long-standing reputation and a strong brand, M88 is a trusted choice for bettors.

This is also understandable for M88, because if you are a long-time bookie, have some problems (a little bit) but still ensure prestige and pay in full (in all those years), then surely You will surely gain the trust of many people.

Why should you choose M88 to bet?

M88 betting odds has helped M88 sport attract a large number of players. This bookmaker has a full range of bets at most major sports tournaments such as Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga,… even national tournaments.

The games released at M88 have been carefully verified by the authorities to ensure that there is no cheating according to the random win-loss ratio. Therefore, you can rest assured when playing at this bookie.

In addition, you can also play betting at M88 through your mobile devices, m88 mobile sports betting which is very convenient and effective. The interface of the M88 dealer is also improved and optimized to fit most of the latest devices.

Review customer service of the bookie M88

Interface and applications at M88

The betting interface of the bookmaker M88 is built very scientifically and clearly so that players can manipulate smoothly when betting. There is support for separate interfaces for mobile devices, smartphones, especially support for separate m88 mobile app sports betting for devices running Android operating system. Allows you to bet anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an Internet connection.

Homepage interface M88
Homepage interface M88

Has all the tools and features to support players such as pre-, in-match statistics, favorite game bookmarks, basic and advanced match filtering, score / corner / card results match gold, bet slip statistics, etc.

How to play football betting or other sports and games at bookmaker is also very easy. As long as you deposit a minimum of 200k, you can start betting, each bet is only 10 thousand VND.

Payment and refund

The payout of M88 is quite high compared to many other bookies on the market. Especially all are unlimited, no need to re-bet any round of betting (best betting market today when most other bookmakers require players to bet 1 round of refund).

Specifically, the return rate at the M88 bookie for betting products is as follows:

  • 0.8% for Casino and Casino Slots products.
  • 0.3% for Sports betting products.
  • 1% on Keno and Lotto betting products.

Promotions and offers

About M88, this has a whole team in charge of expertise in the Vietnamese market and they understand very well about Vietnamese people and holidays. Since then, we have organized super attractive promotions such as Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Western New Year or Lunar New Year and many other exciting events such as Euro or World Cup with huge rewards up to hundreds of millions of dong.

Promotion M88
Promotion M88

In particular, this bookie also implements a number of specific incentive programs such as:

  • Free promotion/trial play: M88, like many other bookies, will have a free trial program for new players with many simple terms.
  • First deposit at the M88 dealer: When you register M88 and make your first deposit, you will receive a bonus amount up to 100% of the deposit. However, it only applies to some specific games such as: Club M88 & Fortune, Dealer AG, Sportsbook, m Sports, Casino, Keno and Lotto.

Of course, you will receive this amount when you complete 40/25/20 betting rounds (depending on the game).

Customer care service and contact information M88

With m88 casino review, the M88 dealer is an address that supports multi-languages, including Vietnamese, so even if you don’t know foreign languages, it’s okay. And you can also choose the live chat language even if you want to meet with customer service privately to solve the problem.

In addition, if you do not like chatting, you can also contact the bookie through a number of other communication channels such as Line chat, phone, email or hotline, etc.

Evaluation of betting products at the M88 bookie

Sports betting, online football betting at M88

This is the main product of this bookmaker. You will be overwhelmed with the variety of bets of the bookmaker. Only this much will make you have to spend a lot of time to be able to experience all types of betting.

Sport M88
Sport M88

These sports betting products include 3 products: M sports, Sports and Fantasy sports.

You can participate in playing any sports betting floor that you like. Each deck will bring a unique feature that fully meets the criteria of many different types of players.

Casino betting at reputable bookie M88

In addition to sports, online casino is also an equally interesting and attractive product at this bookmaker. At M88, you can entertain and earn money with many games that simulate games at big casinos such as Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat or Roulette.

Casino M88
Casino M88

These are all high quality games that will make you feel like you are participating in real life casinos with extremely advanced live technology. It shows that whether you participate in playing casino with real people or virtual people, the experience is very good.

Betting on E-sports at the bookie M88

With the strong development as well as becoming one of the entertainment games bringing huge profits for online game production companies. M88 Esports is interested by many big bookmakers like M88 and invests heavily to become one of the spearhead betting products at the bookmaker.

Esport M88
Esport M88

Esports is interesting in that this game is completely programmed with vivid images, exquisite graphics and sound, highly entertaining. This helps me to imagine that I am watching a real sports match.

M88 mansion esports has a betting form similar to real sports bets with odds, information about team betting and time the match will take place, etc.

Betting on lotto online at the bookmaker M88

The bookie offers keno and lottery games exclusively for those who are passionate about numbers. In total, there are 3 main products at m88 sportsbook including:

  • Keno
  • Lottery
  • Jackpot (coming soon).
Keno & Lottery M88
Keno & Lottery M88

If you are a fan of xsmb, xsmt, xsmn, lottery on live, super speed lottery, or Mega 6/45, VIP Lottery, etc., then you should play M88 lottery online because of the payout ratio of This online form is much higher than the traditional gameplay. Specifically, the rate of reward on the market today is very diverse, maybe 1 to 70, 1 to 95, etc. However, at the M88 bookie , there is a ratio of up to 1 to 99.

Betting Slot Game at the M88 dealer

Slot games are already very popular and familiar at casinos and it was also available very early at the prestigious M88 bookie with hundreds of games with a variety of themes and ways of playing.

Slots game M88
Slots game M88

Slots games promise to make players satisfied because the providers have designed all kinds of games with the most perfect quality. Surely you will be overwhelmed with the system of extremely many games at the M88 bookie in this slot game section.