April 20, 2024
How to play Keno online details at 188BET bookie | ConfirmBets

How to play Keno online details at 188BET bookie | ConfirmBets

How to play Keno online details at 188BET bookie


Betting is a game that involves a certain level of luck, but in Keno, having a few tips can improve your chances of winning. Join us as we explore the world of Keno and discover valuable tips to boost your win rate when playing at 188BET bookie.

Mastering the Basics of Online Keno at 188BET

This is a game with the same method as traditional poker, so it is loved by many BET188 players. Currently, the majority of online casino speculators produce this game through the online casino system.

The way to play Keno for money online is no different from the games offered at high-end casinos and is especially popular for its convenience. You only need a phone or computer with an internet connection, and you can participate at any time without going to the casino.

Keno includes 2 types of bets:

  • BASIC: Choose 01 to 10 numbers from the set of numbers from 01 to 80 to participate in the prize. With this way of playing, newcomers often apply the most. Because they are quite simple requirements and you do not need to measure and count too many times about the numbers.
  • ADDITIONAL: Choose Big, Draw Big – Small, Small, Even, Even 11 – 12, Draw Even – Odd, Odd 11 – 12, Odd to participate in the prize. This game requires participants to have real logic to be able to find 20 numbers. You can choose randomly or follow a certain rule such as divisibility by 2, by 3, etc. Calculating this rule will make your set of numbers more interconnected.

The most detailed guide on how to play Keno on 188BET

Initially, you should choose a reputable bookmaker like 188BET from 88betgo.com and register as a member, then you can participate in any betting game they offer.

The way to play Keno always wins as many bookies have the same rules, if there is a difference in the playing stage, it is because the regulations on the payout of each bookie will have a slight difference, but it does not affect the rules of the game.

Simple online Keno rules

After successful account registration, you choose how to play Keno and then choose any number from 1 to 10 to propose to attend and receive Keno tickets from that bookie. In the game ticket, you will be issued with 20 Reports, these 20 numbers belong to the range from 1 to 80, you will use this ticket to compare the results of the bookie.

In today’s lotteries, the odd-even way is said to be the most used strategy by many players thanks to its high win rate, which helps you avoid many risks when playing the lottery.

How to play Keno to win the highest

In any betting game, the highest winning part is always the bookie side, so if you want to get a bonus from them, we should not be impatient but apply the following tips:

  • Start the game with a low stake and take as many rounds as possible to grasp the rules of the numbers.
  • It is recommended to bet in the aggregate way and split the bets to avoid the risk to the lowest level.
  • Limit having a hasty mentality and should have a specific strategy at each turn.
  • Once you have established the rule of numbering, you should be decisive to increase the winning rate.
  • Most importantly, you must know how to properly limit the game no matter what the outcome is won or lost.


Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have understood more about Keno, how to play Keno as well as good tips to be able to play this game on 188BET most smoothly. Learn and apply your creativity to maximize your rewards.